Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

Top 5 Mistakes Made by Businesses on Social Media.

  1. Being inconsistent in use
  2. Inconsistent branding
  3. Lack of personality
  4. Being too self-centered
  5. Social Media overload


  1. Being Inconsistent in Use

What goes wrong: Many businesses will simply post when they feel like it. There is no rhyme or reason to it. They are so inconsistent that their consumers either receive so many posts that they get annoyed, or so few posts that they forget all about the business.

How to fix it: If this is a concern of yours, don’t worry just yet. This is an easy fix. All you need to do is come up with a strategy. Try making a schedule for what and when you will be posting. Always have an extra post ready in case you run out of time, or come up blank for your scheduled post.

Basically, as long as you plan ahead, you can avoid inconsistencies.

  1. Inconsistent Branding

What goes wrong: What I mean by inconsistent branding is that there is no one clear image of the business. Looking at their Facebook page you see one thing, then you go to Twitter and see another. When you go to Instagram you set yet an entirely whole different thing. There is no consistent color scheme, imaging, post type, and sometimes, in the worst scenario, no consistent logo.

How to fix it: The simple fix to this one, is simply to make things easier for yourself. Create one logo, in one color. Use similar content on all sites. Don’t change your color scheme from one site to the next. You want your consumers to recognize you.

Although each site is formatted a little different, your brand should remain the same.

  1. Lack of Personality

What goes wrong: A common problem that business don’t often realize is that they try to appear too professional. The use a more technical form of vocabulary. Corporate speech doesn’t work!

How to fix it: When posting to social media, you need to be human. If your audience can’t relate to you, they’ll find someone that they can. Be real. Be honest. I know it’s cliché, but treat them how you want to be treated.

Show your audience the you behind your business.

  1. Being Too Self-centered

What goes wrong: Take a look at your social media feeds. I guarantee that you will see at least one post that says, “Take a look at my new product,” or something of the sort. That’s the problem.  Media today is way to “me” oriented. Your posts shouldn’t be about you. They should be about your consumers.

How to fix it: Talk to and about your audience. Highlight consumers who have tried your product in the past and been satisfied. One great way to not be self-centered is to share other’s content. It will build connections with that person and draw in their audience as well. Just make sure your posts are more than just talking about you

Don’t just sell yourself.

  1. Social Media Overload

What goes wrong: This perhaps may be the biggest issue that business face on social media. It happens when you try to hit all of the media platforms that you’ve heard of at once. It’s impossible to do without becoming overwhelmed and stressed out. This of course usually ends with all of your social media failing.

How to fix it: The solution to this is simple. Start off with just one. Try to pick the site that you are most familiar with. This will make it easier for you to develop your business through it. Once you have a solid presence on that site, add another, and another, and another. Continue this until you have reached all the media platforms that you had hoped.

Just remember, start off slow, and let it grow from there.

These are just a few of the mistakes that can happen when jumping into social media for your business. I hope that these solutions help. So, good luck; and remember, the best thing you can do to help your business is to give it a try.



11 thoughts on “Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media”

  1. Awesome list! It’s nice to see a post like this that is easy to read after seeing some of those “bad” examples we looked at in class haha. I have just one suggestion, and it’s probably just the OCD in me speaking :P, but when you are adding hyperlinks, there is an option to “open link in a new tab”. That just makes it easier to click off into them and easily come back to the blog! Otherwise, great tips 🙂 My major’s emphasis is in PR, so I am really looking forward to your other posts!

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  2. I like this list because it’s not necessarily something I would actively think about but when I read about these inconsistencies there are definitely examples I can think of businesses that have those issues with social media. I know for sure if a company is tweeting thousands of times a day I will unfollow them for sure! Nice, simple layout of your list too!

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  3. This post was super informative and interesting to read. I liked your use of examples on when and how things can go wrong when companies misuse these strategies on social media. I also liked how you ended your list with a brief summary of each point. It left a nice ending note on each idea.

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  4. This list is very useful and easy to follow. If I was working a companies social media I would follow a list just like this in my process. I find that these points can also be related to blogging. While blogging a writer needs to talk for it’s readers. They need to be organized and consistent. They need to be entertaining or useful or satisfy whatever function that blog is supposed to have. I think you will make some very good posts in the future as well.

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  5. Wow, you picked 5 really good points to talk about! I do the PR for Maverick Greeks and Dance Marathon on campus, so I know ALL about all of these points pretty well! My favorite point was about lacking a personality. The PR person before me didn’t put any humor or personality on social media, which I think is important! Your business shouldn’t just be looked at as a business, you should be able to connect with the people buying your product! I thoroughly enjoy making clever (and appropriate) remarks on the social media accounts, and it has gained me a lot more following! So, there is some validity right there! Looking forward to your future posts.

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  6. You have some really great tips here! I definitely think they are all important, but lack of personality stands out to me a lot. It’s always annoying to see or read something that has basically been reprinted or posted with no emotion or personality in it. I don’t look at social media from a business perspective too often so it will be fun to read more of your posts.

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  7. Jennifer,

    As a Mass Media minor, focusing on PR it’s great to read these tips before getting out into the real world and not having a clue on basic PR practices! I would definitely say these are all common mistakes too, because as a marketing intern for a company a couple summers ago we made some of these mistakes when first starting out. It definitely takes time to figure things out, but I think there’s a lot to learn from here and I look forward to reading more PR tips!

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  8. I appreciate that you placed the list right at the top and then you expanded the list down below. You’re right about the inconsistent one being easy to fix. Even just setting a small goal — like one post a week — can help building your following.

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  9. Being a self proclaimed social media wizard and having my career goals revolve around social media, I resonate with the list greatly. Social media is still considered a relatively new medium and is changing every other day and it is very easy to misuse it for many people and businesses, when trying to promote a product. The mistake that I agree with the most is number 5. Personally there is nothing more annoying when I follow a company on a certain site, and immediately getting a message thanking me for my follow/like and then they ask me to follow them and other sites, in order to grow their social media presence quicker. I like your advice of “starting with one” and I look forward to reading more about building a strong media and marketing presence.

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  10. As someone who runs a small local business with a social media presence, this was probably my favorite blog post to read. You hit it right on the nail with all five of these mistakes because sadly I catch myself making several of these mistakes on occasions, especially been inconsistent. I appreciate you not just mentioning the problems but also displaying how these problems can be fixed.


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