The World of Graphic Design– For Beginners


There are countless websites out there for creating and producing your own content. Sites like indesign, befunky, and Vector to name a few. These sites can be used for everything from designing a logo to creating your own business cards and flyers. However, when starting off it can be hard to navigate through everything. A lot of these sites can be not only confusing but they can even be a little intimidating as well.

So, we are going to take a look at one of the websites that I have tried, and had success with using, in the past. We are going to look at how to use the functions of the site, as well as what I like and dislike about the website.

The website that I will be reviewing is This is my very favorite design site because it is easy to use and has templates for practically everything.

To use this site, all you have to do is sign up for your free account. Then, you pick what type of project you would like to work on. I will be creating a grand opening flyer. I will be using one of Canva’s preloaded templates for this. It can be found in the Marketing Materials section.

blog 4.1After selecting this, I will then select a specific template and start customizing it. This site allows you to change images, fonts, sizing, colors, and so much more. The best part is that the customization is really easy to use thanks to their convenient side bar selections.  One of my favorite features of is that you can even upload your own images, logos, etc. to really customize your work.

blog 4.2

Another great feature of that is saves your work as you go so you don’t have to worry about losing anything while playing around with it. Plus, you always have the option to undo things if you make a change and decide that it isn’t what you wanted to do after all. So, I encourage you all to check out all the features it has to offer.

blog 4.3

I use this site all the time for everything from class projects to work and the only bad thing that I have to say about it is that some elements cost money to use if you don’t have a paid membership. Memberships cost $9.95 a month if it is a work account, or it costs $12.95 a month per user if it is not for business purposes.

I, being the poor college student that I am, just use the free features because I can’t afford the monthly costs on top of all my other bills. But hey, we can’t expect everything to be free. They’re a business too, and they need money just like the rest of us. However, this is definitely something that is worth investing in for your business.

All in all, is a great website that I would recommend that you all give a try for your business, or whatever else in your life that you may find a use for it.

blog 4.4Here is my finished mockup grand opening flyer. (Note: This took less than five minutes to produce using


7 thoughts on “The World of Graphic Design– For Beginners”

  1. Not to sound redundant of my comment on you post last week, but this is very good information that I can use. I didn’t know there were sites that can be used to create designs or flyers or posters or anything like that really. My only knowledge of that stuff is the various applications of Microsoft Office and Photoshop like applications. I appreciate that your blog is providing students, like myself, with solid information to further our careers in the Mass Comm, field!

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  2. Well thanks for the info about I almost feel like you should be compensated for this kind of refer. I myself do a little graphic design on the Adobe programs and I’m always contacted by my peers to do some design work for them, They always seem to be shock that I charged for my services. After learning about and their free features. Next time I’m asked to do work by someone not willing to compensate me for it, this is where I might refer them to because some of the things I’m ask to do are really easy public relations contents that can easily be done on

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  3. Your post is very informative and helpful. Canva is relatively cheap and easy! It also seems like a very awesome graphic design website. I have never been huge into graphic design. A couple of my friends have declared majors for it, but I never really ask them too much about it or which site they use. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used Canva though!

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  4. Ok, I LOVE Canva! I’m not sure if you’ve heard about LipSense, but I became a distributor a few months ago and I use Canva for all my marketing materials. I have a Facebook group where I post graphics and items to let people know about the product I’m selling, and I love love love how easy Canva is to use 🙂 It’s great that you can make professional (and cute) looking images, invites, and more! I just use the free features for now too haha

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  5. Jennifer,

    Thank you again for he useful and very helpful information. Although there are so many sites to use to do similar things, it’s nice to have a review and little tutorial from someone you actually know and trust, versus having to read reviews online or try the sites out yourself. Even though I do not know much about graphic design, I feel confident I could use these websites easily and it’s also a plus that the basic features are free to use, while also not super expensive if you decide to get an account for your business.

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